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Realtour Tourism & Logistic offers personalized and reliable travel and
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All our tour packages include airport transfer, guide, hotel, tours and
all kinds of activities in Sao Tome and Principe.

We will help you to plan and book your vacation according your
interests, duration and mainly budget.

So do not wait, pack your bags and come and discover this paradisiac and
fantastic destination that is São Tomé and Príncipe by us.


1 *Southern beaches (Beaches, Colonial plantations, breathtaking landscapes and people) Visit to Roça Água-Izé, Boca de Inferno, Sete Ondas beach, Roça São João, City of Angolares, Roça Porto Alegre, Piscina beach, Jalé and Inhame beach. You can have lunch at Nguembu beach, Jalé beach or at Inhame beach.
2 *Equator land mark (Rolas + Praia inhame) You will have at your disposal a tropical and pleasant environment, where you can make dives with specialized personnel, visit to the monument that indicates the position of the equator line, beautiful beaches, resort swimming pool and walks through the small and paradise island. You can have lunch in the Rolas or Inhame beach.
3 *East coast tour + Lunch in  Roça São Joao (Beaches, landscapes, colonial plantations and flavor) You will experience the exotic flavors of the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe with the personal touch of the famous cook Santomense João Carlos Silva, presenter of the RTP Africa program “Na Roça com os Tachos”. You can also enjoy a car trip guided by the lands of the angolares, visit the Pico Cao Grande or simply relax in the great viewpoint of Roça São João.
4 *Northern beaches + green savannah (Colonial plantations, beaches, landscapes and people) You can enjoy the day on one of the beautiful beaches of the north of the island (Tamarindos beach or Blue Lagoon). You can visit the colonial plantation villages, Agostinho Neto, Boa Entrada, Ponta-Figo, Diogo Vaz, etc. You can have lunch in Neves (Santola), in Guadalupe (Pema) or at Monte-Forte plantation village, etc.
5 *Center Island tour (colonial plantations, rain forest, waterfalls and people) You can drive to the center … where you can visit Monte-Café plantation, São Nicolau waterfall, the Botanical Garden and have lunch at the famous restaurant Almada Negreiros in Roça Saudade.There is also the option to visit the waterfall of Vale-do-Rio.The other route would be to visit Bombaim plantation and its waterfalls.
6 City tour (colonial history and architecture, people, etc). You can stroll around the city, appreciate the colonial architecture and the people.Points of interest: the markets, the cathedral (Our Lady of Grace), the national museum (Fort of S. Sebastian), the Art gallery, etc.It is an opportunity to buy souvenirs
7 Visit to chocolate factory (degustation) The Claudio Corallo chocolate factory, located on the marginal of the city of São Tomé, is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for visit. There you will get in touch with the philosophy of producing the best chocolate in the world and will taste all the chocolate qualities produced there, and then also buy according to your preference.
8 Dolphins watching In the north of the island of Sao Tome you can depart from Morro-Peixe Beach for a boat excursion (2 hours) to observe resident dolphins. From August to October, migratory whales are also likely to be observed. You will marvel with the view over the northern slopes with its beaches, hills and green savannah.
9 Whales watching From August to October in the south of the island you can try out from Inhame Beach or Porto Alegre a boat excursion (2 hours) for whale watching that appears in these times. You will also be delighted by the view over the green slopes and golden sandy beaches of the whole south. Another option in the same period is at the north from Morro-Peixe beach.
10 Hike to Lagoon Amélia Enjoy a 3-hour walk through the rainforest in the Obô Natural Park. We leave by car until the botanical garden of Bom Sucesso (1,115m above sea level). After a short visit to the garden and a bit of preparation, we began to walk to the Amelia Lagoon (1,488 meters of altitude). Amelia Lake is an old crater full of rainwater that has been collected over time and is covered with a kind of “carpet” of floating grass. This tour is also an opportunity for endemic bird watching in the dense primary rain forest.
11 Príncipe island You can experience a car tour in the paradise island and world biosphere reserve with a local driver/guide. You can explore the small island with the help of a driver / guide and a rental car.Principe Island has been classified as  World Heritage since 2012 by UNESCO due to its high level of preservation with its unspoiled nature, stunning beaches, warm people, forest, waterfall and endemic flora and fauna.


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