Discover The Fine Art Of Saving Money On A Cruise

Do you want to discover the fine art of saving money on a cruise? If you plan on going on
a cruise and you want to save money too, there are many ways in which you can save quite a lot of money:

1. Look for hidden deals.

When you know that you have made your decision to go on
a cruise and you want to save money in the process, the first thing that you need to
look for is hidden deals that will let you buy tickets for your cruise vacation at very
reduced rates. To do this, all you have to do is search on the World Wide Web and
you are sure to come up with a list of websites offering you cruises at greatly
reduced prices. You can thus save a great deal of money on your cruise, by opting
for the lowest priced cruise.

2. Do not pay the brochure price.

Do your research and find the best deal for your
cruise. Brochure prices are highly inflated, never pay these prices.

3. Go when it is not peak time.

Another great way of saving money on a cruise,
is by opting to go on a cruise during that period of the year, when it is non peak
time. At such a time, there are many cruise companies that offer great cruise
deals, as it is off season for them.

4. Save money on cruise drinks.

Yes, you can do this too! All you have to do is buy an unlimited soda card.

5. Talk to the cruise company.

Instead of calling a travel agency or the like, it is
better that you directly call up the cruise company. In most cases, when you talk
directly to the cruise company, they are sure to give you the lowest price possible.

6. Book late or book early.

When you book a ‘last minute deal’ or you book when a
cruise has been ‘first scheduled’ (a year or even more in advance), you will be
shocked to see the low price deal you get on your cruise.

7. Cruise leaves from your area.

If you live close to where the cruise leaves from, or maybe a drive away, you would definitely be saving money, as you would be
getting a much better rate. This way, you would also be saving a lot of money that
you would be spending on airfare to travel to the port where the cruise ship is
leaving from if you buy the cruise as a package from an agent.

8. Plan ahead.

It is not so hard to know how to save money on cruise excursions,
just plan ahead for your cruise and know
just what to look for and where to look for it. It’s definitely possible to save a significant amount of money on your

Now perhaps the next thing racing through your mind might be how to spend no money
on a cruise? Well, that really would be something wouldn’t it? But for now, at least you
have discovered the fine art of saving money on a cruise.


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