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    Village Tour
    Zambia is nation with many tribes and cultures which protrayes and exhibit diverse and interesting life experiences. The village structures, the traditional dances and songs, the regalia and the foods all speak beauty and volumes of the peace of the nation. Engage in one of our village tours and appreaciate the calm and beauty of African life, African Foods and brew. visit the local royal palace of the Leya people. Tour the entire village on an ox-drawn cart.

    Market Tour
    We are a agriculture orientable people , we eke our livehood from the farms, out of these product we get our money, out of these farm product we get our medicine. Get an opportunity and visit one of our local markets and see variegated farm products that constutues our diet.

    Town Tour

    Livingstone is a very functional town with many colonial building dating back to year 1800. Get the history of the town, visit the Musieum, the craft village and buy artifact for the loved ones back home


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