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You don’t want to break your holiday budget at any point but putting a strain on it before you’ve even left home feels like a real waste. Packing can turn into a marathon sometimes as you agonize over what to pack and what will fit into your luggage under the specified baggage allowance. If you’re travelling cheaply on budget airlines, those allowances might be even smaller than you’d hope.


Planning to buy items while you’re away can backfire – some touristy locations know they have a captive market and price things accordingly. Plus, the price of something at home may not be anywhere comparable to the price at your destination. Be smart and follow our tips to stop your packing from busting your budget.


  1. Start Planning Early


We all know the routine – the later you leave the packing, the more you forget to take. As we’ve already mentioned, buying things abroad can be costly, so making sure that you know what you’ll need while you’re away is the first step. Added to that, last-minute panic buying can work out as expensive too. You can’t always buy shorts in winter!


  1. Use Packing Aids


There are some ingenious aids on the market to help you pack as much into your suitcase as possible. Check out packing envelopes and vacuum packing bags to help squeeze as much space out of your case as you can.


  1. Know Your Baggage Allowance


One of the most expensive mistakes you can make when packing is to accidentally go over the baggage allowance. Some airlines make plenty of money with excess baggage charges, so don’t fall into the trap.


  1. Use Digital Scales


Tied in with the previous point, investing in digital scales to check your luggage at home before you set off for the airport can be a money-saver. If you’re a frequent traveler, the scales will quickly prove their worth.


  1. Plan in Layers


Thin clothes are naturally easier to pack, but they’re not always climate friendly and you should be prepared for any weather that regularly occurs in your destination. Think how you can layer t-shirts with shirts and sweatshirts to cover any eventuality while you’re away.


  1. Make Clothes Do Double Duty


Perfect outfits are one thing, but you don’t have room for many of those in your luggage so you’re going to have to try a little economising. Find trousers that will provide the base for multiple outfits and choose outerwear and footwear that can be used with various clothing options.


  1. Check Your Laundry Options


One of the golden ways to ensure you’re not packing beyond your baggage allowance is to consider whether you can do a little laundry while you’re away. This doesn’t have to be a huge exercise – you might just want to wash out your smalls and a few outfits, especially if you’re on a longer trip.


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