When we travel, one of the main considerations that help us choose a location is safety. Feeling safe wherever we go is part of human nature and it is this need to feel safe that helps us survive our everchanging world. With safety and security at the forefront of the news today, many of us are rethinking our travel plans to avoid areas where terrorism, crime, civil unrest and natural disasters are common. This can make it so that we miss out on some of the world’s most beautiful or historic sites and it could dampen our spirits when it comes time to plan our next holiday.

Finland Ranked Number One for Safety and Security

     If you are a nervous traveler, then you might want to consider a trip to Finland, the safest country on Earth as researched by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in their latest list of the world’s safest countries, aptly named their Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report. As you can see by the list and if you visit their website and read the full report, countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Oman are also in the top 10 along with Finland which is surprising given their location in the troubled Middle East region. Another surprise is Rwanda, which has earned a position above New Zealand, the US and the UK as a safe and secure place for tourists to visit. This country has done a lot to rebuild itself and it understands that tourism is an important way to continue that growth.  Let’s take a look at the list now and see which countries are the safest in the world.

Here are the world’s 20 safest countries, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF):

·       Finland – rating: 6.65

·       UAE – 6.6

·       Iceland – 6.57

·       Oman – 6.49

·       Hong Kong – 6.47

·       Singapore – 6.45

·       Norway – 6.41

·       Switzerland – 6.41

·       Rwanda – 6.39

·       Qatar – 6.33

·       Luxembourg – 6.32

·       Portugal – 6.32

·       New Zealand – 6.31

·       Austria – 6.28

·       Estonia – 6.26

·       Sweden – 6.22

·       Slovenia – 6.2

·       Spain – 6.16

·       Netherlands – 6.14

·       Morocco – 6.14

     I find it odd that countries like the US and the UK are not even in the top 20 on this list. But the variables the WEF used in creating this list actually put the UK in the 78th position, well below many other countries which we would not have expected to see.

     If you want to travel safe and find the best places to visit on holiday, use this list and, most of all, be aware of what is going on around you. Staying safe is a matter of being safe at all times and keeping your wits about you whenever you travel.

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