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Offered by Aymara Tours Peru is the most important destination on the planet and it satisfies the most demanding travelers; we have deserts, mountains and jungle but on a trip you cannot know everything that is why we have chosen the best places in this beautiful country. *Click images on gallery to view

Enjoy ancient cities, beautiful landscapes and more in this one of a lifetime tour.


Day 1


Reception in Lima at the Jorge Chavez airport and transfer to a Hotel in Lima city.
First night in Lima

Day 2

Lima /Cusco / Valle Sagrado/Ollantaytambo.

Transfer from the hotel in Lima to Jorge Chavez airport and take a flight toward the capital of the Inca Empire to Cusco city.
Reception at the airport of Cusco.
Then we will go to the Sacred Valley of the Incas toward Ollantaytambo.
Free day to walk through this beautiful Inca town of Ollantaytambo or rest at the hotel in Ollantaytambo.

Day 3

Ollantaytambo /Machu Picchu / Cuzco

After breakfast we will go to the train station and go to Machupicchu Pueblo we will visit one of the 7 New Wonders in the World
This old citadel is a beautiful Inca monument built in granite stone. Incas left a lot of buildings and they always made them for a reason all of them had a function we will find temples, aqueducts, solar calendars, solar clocks, workshops, squares, agricultural terraces and much more Machu Picchu construccions looks like they had been designed by computer.
with a specialist guide who is going to make us live unforgettable moments in this spiritual sanctuary.
This citadel was discovered and shown to the whole world in 1911 by the American Hiram Bingham, this citadel was covered with vegetation and located 120 kilometers from the capital of the Inca Empire «Cuzco«
Rare are the places in the world where you have a spectacular view of very big mountains and Machu Picchu, is the ideal place to admire that , Machu Picchu is unique because it is a city between giant mountains huge cliffs and it is very close to a pyramidal mountain called Huayna Picchu.
Descent to Aguas Calientes observing the flora and fauna near the Machu Picchu sanctuary .

Day 4


Early in the morning we Visit the city of Cuzco itself in Incas time the natives who left Cuzco congratulated the native who came in to Cuzco for the great visit that he would make also now the tourist who leaves from the city of Cuzco congratulates at the airport the tourist who arrives in the city of Cuzco for the great visit he will make in this city
City tour to visit this city that it has shape of a puma, we will start in the tail and end at the head of the puma. We will visit the main square, the temple of the sun, all this will be accompanied with a specialist guide in colonial architecture and Inca, in order to appreciate the mestizo architecture (Spanish-Inca).
The houses were built in a well done carved Inca stone on the first floor and on the second floor we will see beautiful balconies Spanish style
We will visit temples near the city of Cuzco like Tambomachay, Kenko; Sacsayhuaman .

Night at the hotel in Cusco.

Day 5

Cuzco / Puno

Travel by bus to Puno.
On the way we will make some stops we will visit The Church of San Pedro Apóstol in Andahuaylillas has been called "the Sistine Chapel of America", this chapel is amazing and beautiful silent testimony of the Andean people.
We will have lunch in Sicuani after that make a little stop at 4200 meters,
In the afternoon we will arrive to the city of Puno.
Night at the hotel in Puno.

Day 6

Puno /Amantani

Departure in the direction to the port of Puno to visit the highest navigable lake in the world The Titicaca, we will take a motorboat and visit one of the most enigmatic people in the world who still live on floating islands made by totora (reed) this island were inspired kitin Muñoz to make the Uru expedition that was from Peru toward Polynesia, expedition supported by Thor Heyerdahl a the famous Norwegian explorer who made the Kon-tiki expedition.
Visit the floating islands of the Uros and continue to them to Amantaní island.
Amantani island is beautiful, with terraced hillsides, sheep, stunning views and great hiking opportunities. There are two peaks, Pachamama and Pachatata, with ancient Inca ruins. It is quite exhausting to hike up due to the altitude (over 4000 meters), however a great experience and you get marvellous views of the island and the lake as a bonus. Home-stays have remained a more authentic cultural experience in Amantaní.

A visit to Amantaní necessarily implies to stay one night on the island. The houses are very simple and services are basic. There is no running water in many of the houses and toilets are basic. There are no showers. For many people this home-stay experience and the encounter with the host family is a revelation of the reality of Andean people at such altitude.

This cultural exchange experience in Amantaní is very touching and fascinating.
Amantaní is an island that has very old temples that are located in the upper part of the mountain.
We will have some activities with a the native community.
Night at the Amantani host house.

Day 7


Early we will go to the port of Amantani island accompanied by the family that gave us lodging and we will immediately leave direction to Taquile island .
Taquile is a beautiful islands in the Titicaca lake this island with other places must be a necessarily stop in Peru because Taquile is a place where time has stopped is like if we were in the seventeenth century with the same clothing that they used to wear the island maintains the traditions of the Inca and pre-Inca cultures, men are weavers and are considered the best in Peru, men and women make their own clothing, textile art is learned from the age of 6 years old , the community of Taquile lived for years independently of the other communities and nearby tecnology and that is its charm.
Return by boat to the city of Puno
At night enjoy a show of typical Peruvian dances.
Sleep in a hotel in Puno.

Day 8

Puno / Lampa / Juliaca Lima

Early we will go to the town of Lampa where is an sculpture The Piety of Miguel Angel is one of the most exact replic that is in Rome, we will visit this very religious town with beautiful works of art and then we will go to the airport from Juliaca to take our flight returning to Lima city.

Day 9


Back to the airport to board your flight back.

End of tour.

  • First class hotels with double occupancy in Lima, Cusco and Puno.
  • a  night in the village of Ollantaytambo  in a 2 stars hotel but is good  quality
  • one night on the island of Amantani. The houses are very simple and services are basic. There is no running water in many of the houses and toilets are basic. There are no showers. For many people this home-stay experience and the encounter with the host family is a revelation of the reality of Andean people at such altitude.

This cultural exchange experience in Amantaní is very touching and fascinating.

  • A Flight in Peru  from LIMA  to  CUSCO
  • A Flight in Peru from JULIACA to LIMA.
  • Turistic Bus at all the time in Peru.
  • Three meals breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Entrance tickets.
  • Train  Ollantaytambo to Machupicchu  round trip.
  • Bus Ticket in  Machupicchu.
  • Private Boat in Titikaka lake.
  • professional guide (English )
  • Beverages
  • Travel insurance
  • International flight to PERU.
  • Tips.

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