Eating out in Paris can be confusing when choosing the perfect restaurant for only a weekend. Boasting more than 44,000 restaurants in the city alone, you might wonder which are the best affordable restaurants to enjoy for the weekend.


The good news is that we are here to share with you some affordable restaurants that offer authentic Parisian cuisine without compromising on the quality of the food.


  • Bouillon Pigalle (22 boulevard de Clichy, 9th Arrondissement)


Bouillon Pigalle is a budget-friendly restaurant to visit while exploring Montmartre. Opened only a few years back (2017), the restaurant is only a short walk from the world-famous Moulin Rouge cabaret.


A popular restaurant among locals and tourists alike, Bouillon Pigalle is most popular with its starter meals like the roasted bone marrow and prawns with cocktail sauce, snails in parsley butter, and egg mayonnaise that won the best egg mayo in the world in 2019.


For the main course, you get several popular dishes like Beef bourguignon with smoked bacon and pasta shells, Honey braised ham with French fries, smoked herring or pork sausage with mashed potatoes, braised veal, and potato mash with gribiche sauce and other dishes.


Desserts come in two choices, sweet or savory. These include the Rocamadour (French goat’s cheese made with raw goat’s milk), Pain perdu (French toast), Chocolate tart, Tarte citron meringuée’(a lemon meringue tart), etc.


Note, the restaurant seats 300 people, so it’s wise to make a reservation early to avoid the long queue outside. Also, for the tourists, the place offers an English menu on request.


  • Urfa Durum (58 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 10th Arrondissement)


Are you a lover of traditional rolled sandwiches? Then stop at Urfa Durum restaurant for the best kebab in Paris. A cozy Kurdish sandwich place on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, you get to taste their delicious durum sandwiches made with hand-rolled dough and cooked on a wood-burning charcoal grill.


Offering different options of fillings, you get to enjoy beef, lamb, free-range chicken or liver, and a vegetarian option. For example, the lamb durum is a perfectly grilled sandwich with fire-cooked lamb meat, fresh veggies, and tasty pita bread.


You can also enjoy the famous lahmacun, a pizza topped with shredded meat, chopped tomatoes, and onions. All this you can enjoy with authentic homemade ayran (a savory fermented yogurt drink), classic sodas, or beer.


The restaurant does not have a lot of space to eat. However, you can squeeze into a corner near the stove, get one of the two micro tables next to the queue, or eat outside if the weather is favorable.


  • Chez Francis (7 Place de l’Alma 75008 Paris, France)


Chez Francis restaurant not only offers a variety of delicacies but has the best view of the Eiffel Tower. The restaurant has a welcoming décor that offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere.


Open from 7:30 am, the restaurant offers incredible breakfast choices such as poached eggs, English muffins, omelets served with coffee or tea.


If visiting for lunch or dinner hours, you get to order French or pumpkin soup, chicken spring rolls, beef (pepper steak), coconut with Thai rice, pasta with prawns, fish, and vegetarian dishes.


For dessert, you can enjoy the tasty creme brûlée, roasted figs, vanilla ice cream, Pavlova with roasted pineapple, passion, and fresh raspberries with sugar or whipped cream.


Therefore, for an unforgettable sight of the Eiffel Tower, sit by the window or outside the terrace and watch the Tower sparkle every hour for five minutes. And remember…..


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