Do you long to experience the diverse culture, stunning and exciting experience alone or even with your family and friends? Mombasa should be on your travel list at least once in your lifetime. The scenic and ambiance in Kenya’s second-largest city after Nairobi lures many tourists to visit the place from time to time, whether they are locals or foreigners. If you want to know why you should visit Mombasa in your lifetime, read on.

sailboats on calm water at daytime

Mombasa island

Mombasa Hosts Luxurious Hotels and Accommodation

If you were to travel to a place and fail to find good accommodation, the whole travel experience would become boring. In Mombasa, there is plenty of good and luxurious hotel accommodation with various options depending on your budget. The famous south coast and north coast four-star and five-star hotel experience is something you cannot afford to skip.

Diverse Wildlife

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Fish under water

You may not expect to hear anything to do with wildlife in Mombasa but the truth of the matter is that the city hosts Mamba village that is ideal for wildlife tours.  The city also hosts Shimba Hills National Reserve where you can catch up with the big five before returning home. Not forgetting the Mombasa Marine National Park characterized by white sandy beaches and swaying coconut palms. The park is located between Tudor Creeks and Mtwapa and the waters are ideal for snorkeling, diving, and water skiing.

Exotic and Delicious Seafood

 Everyone longs to have good and memorable food while on vacation.  There are quite some mouthwatering cuisines in Mombasa, most of which are greatly influenced by the communities living in the city. Many hotels offer a variety of sea delicacies that you can choose from, as well as local roasted meat, commonly referred to as “Nyama Choma”.

The Great Mombasa Beaches

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Coastal beach

Mombasa is generally hot and therefore when you visit the city, there is no way you can ignore visiting the coastal beaches, at least for therapeutical relaxation. There are quite a number of beaches to choose from among them the famous Diani beach. Moreso, many luxurious hotels are located near coastal beaches which you can visit any time during your stay.

Great Historical Sites

Mombasa is an ancient town full of things to explore and eye-catching memorable sites. If you wish to learn about the history of Mombasa, you can book a holiday and visit historical sites such as Fort Jesus that was constructed by Europeans in the fifteenth century. There is also the famous “Jumba La Mtwana” that has greatly contributed and preserved the history of Mombasa city.

As you visit Kenya, always explore Mombasa city for a dynamic memorable tourism experience. Mombasa is a place that you may always want to visit over and over again. Luxurious accommodation is guaranteed coupled with great and mouth-watering delicacies. If you love wildlife, you have a variety to choose from as you enjoy nature within and around the coastal beaches. You may get to learn more about the history of this great city as you interact with locals from diverse cultural backgrounds.


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