After many months of anxiety, uncertainty and panic-stricken feelings, optimism is finally beginning to resurface. A number of countries have reopened their borders and people are considering resuming their travels. 

Here’s a look at some of the safest travel destinations following the pandemic:

Italy (Amalfi Coast)

Italy was among the hardest hit nations with 37,000 deaths and almost a quarter million reported cases. However, its borders have reopened and tourists are flooding in with enthusiastic flair and energy. 

Venture down south towards the beautifully stunning Amalfi Coast where hotels have put strict measures to control coronavirus. The gorgeous coastline has a lot to offer, boasts beautiful views and has plenty of fantastic restaurants to enjoy the local delights. 

Greece (Corfu)

With as many as 20 times fewer serious coronavirus cases to report than the highest affected countries, Greece is considered one of the safest travel destinations in Europe. For many travellers, a mix of gastronomy, sustainable tourism, relaxation, sun, nature and culture is a dream vacation – and Corfu ticks all the checkboxes. 

The island has a rich historical past and makes for an unforgettable holiday under the sun. Paradisiacal beaches and wine tasting excursions are all a part of the parcel and package. 

Austria (Vienna)

Austria is another pandemic-safe destination – with Vienna offering the best quality of life among European cities. If you’re a history buff then prepare to be mesmerized because it’s riddled with ancient structures and monuments to delight the senses. 

Portugal (Braga)

A place full of events, heritage and life experiences, Braga has been a top travellers’ haven for many years in a row.  It’s a young city deeply entrenched in history and proud of its roots, norms and traditions. 

Braga has many attractions to offer, from the fantastic monuments, shops and tranquil living to the breathtaking landscapes and friendly local folk. 

Sugar Beach (St. Lucia)

St. Lucia happens to be one of the safest places to spend your vacation in as its borders are open to countries all across the world. In fact, it’s so safe that it’s had zero deaths from COVID, with only 27 confirmed cases. 

The ultra-glamorous Sugar Beach Resort can be explored which sits between St. Lucia’s Pitons – a hotspot for superyacht owners and elite Hollywood vacationers alike. 

The Maldives (Miriandhoo Island)

With 3,000 cases reported, the archipelago was quick to act and impose restrictions. Fortunately, since mid-July, the paradise islands have reopened their borders with no quarantine restrictions as such. 

Book a yacht and you’re going to love the island hopping the Maldives is known for. Or perhaps, if it’s a little R&R you seek, the Westin Malives Miriandhoo Resort offers a completely stunning and idyllic escape featuring a dedicated wellness centre and luxurious water villas. 

Poland (Zalipie)

If you’re ready to reconnect with nature and admire Zalipie’s outdoor works of art, then make this your next pandemic-safe destination. Thriving with stunning paintings and simple things that speak to the heart and soul, Zalipie is a magnificent destination you should definitely have on your bucket list. 


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