Bosch Luys Kloof is a place where animals roam freely, where wildflowers grow abundantly in the sunshine and where people come to feel rejuvenated and reenergized by the soul-filled surrounds. There’s no hustle or bustle – no malaria, no traffic, no pollution, no powerlines – only Mother Nature.



Bosch Luys Kloof Private Nature Reserve is located on the northern slopes of the Swartberg mountain range and includes the foothills of the Groot Swartberg.

Besides the western entrance, the whole of the Reserve is surrounded by other nature reserves. To the south, lies the well-known Gamkaskloof (“Die Hel”), on the eastern border is the Gamkapoort Dam, and to the north, the Elands and Blouberge.

Bosch Luys Kloof falls on the border of the Klein (Little) and Groot (Great) Karoo. Only 4km south-west of the entrance gate is the beautiful and well-known Seweweekspoort.


When it comes to historic heritage and story-filled destinations, rich geology, fascinating fossils, botanical value, scenic beauty, a wealth of wildlife and more, Bosch Luys Kloof is packed to the brim. There are many different sedimentary formations running through the area, as well as lively changes in soil and vegetation, year-round.

 To encounter animals during a visit to the Reserve counts as a true wildlife experience, as all of them are free and live naturally off the veld. Currently, the Reserve is home to a myriad of species, including baboons, bucks, porcupines, rabbits, hares, foxes, jackals, zebras, leopards, wild cats, monkeys, badgers and birds of every feather.


Accommodation options at Bosch Luys Kloof include four large luxury couples’ chalets, two spacious open-plan family chalets and four self-catering family chalets – making it perfect for group stays. There is also a guesthouse big enough for eight, complete with four en-suite bedrooms, two lounge areas, an indoor dining area, a fireplace, a large patio with built-in braai, and, of course, outstanding views.

Expect delicious meals inside the Bosch Luys Kloof dining room, as resident cooks create proudly local menus and great tasting experiences for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The bar area offers another special gathering spot for guests, with a wooden deck overlooking the bush – perfect for sundowners – a waterhole and pool area, plus satellite TV for those not-be-missed kick-offs and race starts.

Other than the usual weekend getaways, Bosch Luys Kloof lends itself to team-building events, strategy sessions, and small conferences in an inspiring and rejuvenating setting, thanks to a comfortable conferencing facility for up to 20 delegates.

Bosch Luys Kloof is also a popular destination for intimate weddings and other special occasions, with exclusive use of the lodge as an option, complete with a personalised program developed around all the facilities and activities available.


Luys Kloof offers a host of activities too – from guided nature drives to hiking, biking, running, birdwatching or simply meandering and relaxing in the great outdoors with a picnic and a good book for company.  

Bosch Luys Kloof offers its own local version of Spain’s Camino de Santiago, called ‘The Karomino’, where hikers of all abilities can embark on a week of walking and spiritual reflection along the many trails marked out within the Reserve – returning every day to the lodge for a hearty meal and a comfy bed.

Mountain bikers eager to discover the landscapes and vistas unique to the Karoo can enjoy the safety of private roads and tracks, while extreme riders can challenge the Reserve’s energising 4×4 routes.

Keen nature photographers, whether novice or pro, should definitely add Bosch Luys Kloof to their list of must-visit ‘shoot’ locations. Think majestic sunrises and sunsets, animals and plants in their natural habitat, pristine landscapes, unparalleled views – the list of incredible photo opportunities really is endless.

And if you’re looking for a ‘stellar’ stargazing experience, unspoilt by city lights and hazy skies, simply look up on a clear night at Bosch Luys Kloof and you’ll be dazzled by the magnificent brilliance that is the uninterrupted Karoo sky.


 is through the comments made by visitors:

“Honestly, Bosch Luys Kloof is the hidden gem we will keep coming back to. Whether you spend your time by the pool, sitting in the bird hides, going on hikes or enjoying the stunning scenery from the chalets, you will feel like you are in another world.”

“We went for long walks along the artfully signed paths and lay next to the pool. And for hours sometimes, we just read… Oh — AND THE STARS.”

For more information:

+27 23 581 5046


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  1. Diana Mremi 11 months ago

    While Tanzania’s popular safari destinations like the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire National Park are well-known and offer incredible wildlife experiences, there are several hidden gems that provide a more off-the-beaten-path safari adventure. These hidden gems offer unique landscapes, fewer crowds, and the chance to explore some lesser-known parts of Tanzania’s natural wonders. Here are a few hidden gems on Tanzania’s safari destinations:

    Ruaha National Park:
    Located in the southern part of Tanzania, Ruaha National Park is the country’s largest national park, yet it remains relatively less visited compared to the northern parks. This makes it an excellent destination for those seeking a more remote and exclusive safari experience. Ruaha is renowned for its rugged landscapes, large elephant herds, diverse birdlife, and an impressive population of predators, including lions, leopards, and cheetahs. The Great Ruaha River flows through the park, creating beautiful scenery and attracting various wildlife during the dry season.

    Selous Game Reserve:
    As mentioned earlier, Selous is one of Africa’s largest game reserves and offers a more off-the-beaten-path safari experience. The reserve is vast and diverse, featuring grassy plains, woodlands, rivers, and lakes. Selous is particularly known for its significant population of wild dogs, making it a unique destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Boat safaris along the Rufiji River provide opportunities to spot hippos, crocodiles, and various bird species, adding a different dimension to the safari experience.

    Katavi National Park:
    For the ultimate remote and untouched safari adventure, Katavi National Park in western Tanzania is the place to go. This remote park is one of the country’s most unexplored areas, offering an authentic and wild safari experience. The park’s landscapes include vast plains, seasonal lakes, and dense woodlands. During the dry season, the Katuma River attracts large concentrations of wildlife, including elephants, buffalo herds, and prides of lions, leading to intense predator-prey interactions.

    Mahale Mountains National Park:
    While not a traditional safari destination, Mahale Mountains National Park is a hidden gem for a different wildlife encounter. Situated on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Mahale is home to one of Africa’s largest populations of wild chimpanzees. Tracking and observing these fascinating primates in their natural habitat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The park’s setting, with mountains rising steeply from the lakeshore, creates a stunning backdrop for a truly unique safari adventure.

    Saadani National Park:
    Saadani is Tanzania’s only coastal national park, offering a distinct safari experience that combines wildlife viewing with beach relaxation. The park’s unique location allows visitors to spot wildlife against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean. You can witness elephants grazing on the beach and hippos wallowing in the estuary. The park is also home to various bird species and offers boat safaris along the Wami River for a different perspective on wildlife and nature.

    These hidden gems in Tanzania provide a chance to escape the crowds and delve deeper into the natural wonders of this diverse and beautiful country. Each destination offers something unique and contributes to making a Tanzania safari an unforgettable experience.

    VIEW MORE AT : https://www.natureresponsiblesafari.com/

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