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If you plan on traveling with toddlers for vacation, it need not be a hassle for you and other members of your family. So here is a couple of tips to make it more manageable for you…


Flying With A Toddler Checklist

Creating a checklist, is one of the best tips on travelling with children that anyone, anywhere can give you when you have to travel with kids on planes or by land or sea. When you have a checklist, you know what you need to do – and this way, you can be sure that you don’t miss out on anything especially in stressful situations – not even at the very last minute. Be sure to check it as you go.


Less is better, first and foremost, when you are travelling with children, you need to slow down a bit, after all, it is your kids you are travelling with. It is not as though you are travelling as a couple and you can travel at any pace you choose to. You also have to be very realistic about what you plan on doing don’t cram in too much into your itinerary. The lesser you have to see, the more stress free and the more enjoyable will your vacation with your kids will be. So make the chosen activities count.


Planning is key.  This is one of the very best tips when it comes to travelling with children if you want to enjoy your travel and vacation time with your kids. You and the family need to sit down and discuss things minutely. Thrash out interests about where all of you would like to go. Throw around ideas. Try to show your kids pictures and see if they can get involved in the discussion (If they are big enough to understand, of course!)


Budgeting cannot be neglected as not all of us are millionaires – or billionaires for that matter. Discussing a budget, is one of the good tips on travelling with children that you can get. You need to be realistic about how much money you can spend, you also need to keep some money aside, in case things go wrong and you need emergency money.


Location that is kid friendly, should be picked by you. To save your kids from getting bored and to save you a great deal of money and time. You should also stay at a place that is centrally located and is within walking distance of food outlets, local attractions, the park,  the beach, etc.


Brand your kids, yes! One of the best tips for travelling abroad with kids or even travelling in your own country for that matter, is to brand your kids. This is easily done by writing your name and phone number on their arm. You can also attach a GPS tracking device to the wrist of your child and track it via the appropriate app.


There you are, when you plan on travelling with your kids and you are seeking family travel tips, be sure to incorporate these tips on travelling with children, to ensure that the travel is safe, smooth, hassle free – and fun too! Happy travels!


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