It seems that more and more food festivals are cropping up all over the globe today, so let us take a look at some of the top food festivals in the world today.

In the month of September, literally millions of people from all parts of the globe, travel all the way to Naples, Italy. And the reason is that this is the time when the village of Naples cooks more than 100,000 pizzas of all kinds, including Marinara, Margherita and Napoletana. This is definitely one of the best food festivals 2019 for pizza lovers, who get to taste from over 50 pizza versions in Naples, ranging from the classic, to the historic.


Every year, in Denmark in the month of April, to the Ringkobing Fjord, schools of herring swim to spawn in the sheltered waters here. At this time, fishermen gather and collect thousands and thousands of these herring. And then, they conjure up all kinds of tasty dishes and sell them at what is now famously called the Herring Festival, celebrated at Hvide Sande, Denmark, one of the top food festivals in the world. There are all sorts of tasty herring dishes that are available here, such as baked herring, fried herring, fish-caked herring, filleted herring, pickled herring and many many more scrumptious herring dishes. 



Onion celebrations take place in a grand way at Switzerland’s largest folk festival, the Onion Market, which is on the list of international food festivals. Here, you will discover not only some of the most delicious onion dishes in the world, but also over 50-tons of onion rings, single onion bulbs and onion braids, as well as all kinds of toys for kids, jewelry, ceramics and textiles. But the highlight of this festival is the confetti war, which starts precisely at 4 p.m.


Perhaps you love bacon and can’t do without it night and day. In this case, you must take a trip down to Sacramento, California, USA, to savor all the many splendid bacon dishes, at the Bacon Festival, one of the best food festivals around the world 2019. This festival is dedicated to bacon and bacon lovers and as a bacon fan, you will be delighted to find all of your favorite bacon dishes here such as bacon salad, bacon tater tots, bacon ramen, bacon gelato, etc.


For all who love dumplings, you cannot miss the Hong Kong Dumpling Festival. In Hong Kong, this day has been declared as a national holiday, so people can enjoy what is one of the top food festivals in the world. In the 5th Chinese lunar month, on the 5th day, the Dumpling Festival is celebrated in Hong Kong. This is the day when Chinese families all over the globe, literally feast on all kinds of dumplings. The dumplings contain glutinous rice, with various kinds of fillings that are wrapped in banana leaves, lotus or bamboo.


Hope you make your way to some these top food festivals in the world. Happy travels. Happy eats!


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