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The threat of COVID-19 has made some people to “press the pause button” as far as planning for travel and vacations is concerned.  Due to the uncertainty involved, you may be wondering how and when you can put things together to get to that destination you identified at the beginning of the year. Did you know that this disease may present a great opportunity for you to plan for your holiday than you thought? Here are five interesting tips for planning for your holiday:

Save Now

Working from home presents an amazing opportunity for you to save for a holiday because you are spending less on your meals, and you are not commuting. If you track your spending well and work on a strict budget, you may realize that you could save much more than you used to save before the pandemic. If you are not disciplined enough to save, ask your agent if they can allow you to save with them for your future holiday.

Engage Your Travel Agent

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Many travel agencies have closed their offices, but they are working remotely. Consult your agent to enquire about possible safe destinations that may be available after the pandemic. Since traveling is bound to change, getting information about the potential new requirements that may be put in place and plan accordingly is also essential.

Consider Travel Insurance

This is the time to shop for travel insurance and ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions. Insurance that offers trip cancellation cover and claims for expenses in case of trip cancellation may be ideal. Some insurers cover cancellations due to epidemics and natural calamities. However, you need to check with your insurer before committing because not all of them accept such cancellation reasons.

Plan for Low-Risk Areas

Corona virus may prevail for a longer period, and you want to remain safe as you enjoy vacations.  Africa may be an ideal travel destination because it is not hard hit by the virus compared to other parts of the world. It has plenty of amazing destinations and beautiful scenery that you can enjoy any time of the year.

Change Your Diet Now

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Fruits- An Immune Booster

The diet plays a significant role towards protection from diseases. You need to consume foods that can help to boost immunity. Consume unprocessed and fresh foods daily, and drink plenty of water. You should also consume less sugar and salt, while at the same time cooking with moderate amounts of oil and fat. Cultivate these good eating habits until your body gets used to it. This way, you can be able to prevent yourself from virus infection.

Planning for a holiday during this time of crisis is achievable if you follow the above tips. Regular savings, whether through the bank or travel agent, can allow you to meet your travel goals. Travel agents have more information concerning destinations and logistics because they are experts in this field. Please make use of them. Take your time to identify safer destinations that are suitable for you and your family. Most importantly, don’t forget to check your diet. Someone said, “Any kind of crisis can be good. It wakes you up.”


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