A Packing Guide for Walking Holidays


Walking holidays have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. For instance, back in 2015, it was revealed that walking trips to Scotland had increased by 18%. There’s plenty to see in that rugged country, but walking tours are taking in destinations as diverse as Italy, Malta, Bermuda and Morocco.


As with all activity holidays, there are different levels available depending on your experience and fitness levels. But, for the newbie walkers or those who still aren’t too sure about what they’re doing, just thinking about the packing process can be nerve-wracking.


What exactly do you need to pack for a typical walking holiday? Let’s start from the inside out.


  1. Get the essentials settled


Sometimes, you can worry so much about the unusual items that you forget the basics. That’s not a good idea, trust us on that! Here’s a list of the essentials of 21st century existence that you’ll need with you on your trip.


  • Underwear – You’d be surprised how many people overlook this or throw in useless underwear that isn’t comfortable enough to survive long days of walking. For women, sports bras may feel like an unnecessary option, but they’re really useful.
  • Socks – The ideal socks for walking are those that fit properly, are comfortable, and help to combat nasty smells. Different socks are best for different temperatures, so be sure to check you have the best ones for your destination.
  • Toiletries – You can’t assume that all the places you’ll end up staying will supply you with toiletries. If you’re on a guided walk and it specifies in the brochure that they do, you might get away with it. However, you don’t want to risk being the stinky one all the time.
  • Water Bottle – Keeping hydrated during your walk is vital, so take a refillable bottle with you.
  • Hats Etc – Depending on where you’re walking, you may need a sun hat or something to keep your head warm. You might also need gloves and scarves – this comes down to research about your destination and the probable climate.
  • Personal Essentials – Other essentials will depend on the person involved but might include medication, first aid kits, wipes, plug adapters, washing detergent and insect repellent.


  1. Get your clothing and footwear prepared


The clothing you take with you will determine how successful and comfortable your walking vacation will be. Footwear is obviously critical too, so what are the key things to consider?


  • Baselayers – A layering system is your best way of ensuring that you have the right clothing for your trip. It enables you to remove layers where necessary so that you’re not too warm but, equally, you can add layers to keep out the cold. Some climates fluctuate massively, so take short and long-sleeved top with you as your baselayers.
  • Trousers Etc – Again, your destination will dictate your arrangements but, if it’s going to be changeable, consider trousers that zip off into shorts to suit all scenarios.
  • Outers – Waterproofs are important, no matter what climate you’re heading to. There’s always a chance, but they’ll hopefully be tucked into the bottom of your bag and forgotten about.
  • Footwear – The terrain will dictate the type of footwear you need. Doing your research is vital and talk to experts if you’re uncertain about the right boot for your journey.


Remember the absolute essentials


You’re almost set for your trip but don’t forget the absolutely vital components of your trip. If you go without your passport, plane tickets, currency and insurance, no amount of careful clothing choices will save the day.


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