Your passport is your lifeline while you’re away from home. Not only does it get you in and out of the country, it’s your proof of identity if something goes wrong while you’re away. In addition, if your passport’s stolen, it can be used to commit fraud or other criminal acts. Every traveler dreads the idea of losing their passport while you’re abroad, so how can you keep it safe?




1. Keep it close on the plane journey




Airports might be one of the most secure places imaginable with cameras and guards at every turn, but that doesn’t mean you should be complacent. When you’re choosing your item of carry-on luggage, ensure that it has secure pockets that are close to your body. There are some bags on the market which can only be unzipped when the bag isn’t being worn, and these are ideal for keeping all your valuables safe as you move through the airport. Make sure that the bag is small enough to be stowed under your seat so that it’s at your feet throughout the journey.




2. Ensure you take precautions while traveling across land and borders




You’re particularly vulnerable when you’re traveling across countries, especially if you’re crossing land borders when you’ll necessarily have to produce your passport. This is an optimum time for thieves to strike, but you can take precautions. Underwear with hidden pockets is an excellent way of keeping your passport safe. It’s literally as close as it can be to your body, meaning it’s highly inconvenient for someone to try and steal it. Another similar option to this is a money belt. However, be sure that you’re not constantly accessing the belt for various items as the effectiveness is reduced when potential thieves see that you frequently refer to it.




3. Leave your passport at the hotel




It might seem sensible to keep your passport on you at all times, but this increases the likelihood of something going awry. Instead, keep it at the hotel wherever possible. Some hotels have room safes or the possibility to store items securely at the desk or in a locked room. If these options aren’t available, leave your passport in a locked bag inside your room. You may be concerned that it’s likely to be a golden opportunity for thieves to steal your most prized possession but think about it this way – the possibility of you being pickpocketed in a public location when surrounded by strangers is far more likely than the prospect of a thief taking the time to attack a locked bag in your room.




4. Some final tips




Following the three rules above should help keep your passport safe while you’re traveling. Also, try and remember the following:

·        – Neck wallets are an option for hiding your passport while traveling across land

·        – Invest in high quality locks for the cases you leave in your room

·       –  Carry general ID to avoid the necessity for carrying your passport around with you


·        –  Just be consistently cautious and discreet wherever possible







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