Namibia might not be the country that first springs to mind when you think about African adventures, but it’s a land of boundless opportunities for the avid adventurer. As well as the opportunity to visit a country that made up of at least 11 ethnic groups and is teeming with diversity, you can enjoy some stunning activities as you make your way around this sumptuous landscape. For adventurers of all ages and persuasions, Namibia should be the next country on your bucket list.


Ride across the country on horseback


If you love horseback riding, there might be no other country as wonderful as this to traverse across on horseback. Choose a guide or organization that has a good reputation and will vary the difficulty of the ride to suit the ability of the weakest rider in the group. Then simply enjoy the experience of traversing parks and dunes on horseback.


See the sights by climbing the peaks


Namibia has a diverse landscape and there are several popular climbing haunts in the country, including Spitzkoppe which is known as the “Matterhorn of Namibia”. As well as enjoying the spectacular climbing, you can also find ancient artwork painted on the rock. Be sure to investigate the routes you plan to climb carefully and don’t go above your ability level.


Go caving and see some unique bats


There are over 120 caves registered across Namibia, with the best option for travelers being found at Arnhem Cave. You can stay overnight near to the 4,800 meters of passages which large chambers and winding turns. To protect the cave and the diverse bat population, visitors can only use lamps or torches to navigate their way forward, taking you away from the touristy caves you often find across the world.


Explore the coast in a 4×4


Some regions of Namibia are only accessible by 4×4 and, if you’re into off-road traveling and seeing things other tourists don’t, this is the best way to see the country. Either go on a guided or self-guided tour (depending on your confidence) and enjoy some stunning routes along the barren, sandy coast around Walvis Bay.


Try quad biking in the sand dunes


Sometimes, 4x4s just can’t get you far enough into the sand dunes and that’s where quad bikes come in. However, remember to choose a responsible company – there is controversy over the use of quad bikes in some areas and legitimate companies make conserving the dunes and the overall environment a priority.


Have a go at sandboarding


If you’re an avid snowboarder or a surfer, take those skills to the next level and try sandboarding in the Namib Desert. Determined adventurers will get an extra thrill out of boarding over the dunes. Be sure to choose a guide if you haven’t tried sandboarding before, as it can be as dangerous as other adventure sports without effective guidance.


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