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Many travelers don’t understand the need to engage a travel agent in their travel bookings. They take a lot of time to identify travel destinations, save money and later go ahead and book online. Whereas there is nothing wrong with direct bookings, they have no idea the much they are losing by ignoring travel agents. From time and cost-saving to crisis prevention, agents are a preferred option. Here are the reasons you should engage a travel agent for your travel bookings:

They are Experienced

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Travel agents understand market dynamics well. They can give you better deals that may suit your needs. This could have been otherwise impossible with online booking. They can identify appropriate places to visit at a particular time with ease depending on your specifications. Some may have been tour guides or hotel owners before and so are passionate about what they do. Take advantage of what they offer.


Do you want to spend your valuable time identifying an appropriate vacation and making all the necessary arrangements randomly? Remember that vacations involve many logistics including transfers, events, tour guides, hotel stays among others. Direct bookings require that you engage so many service providers, some of whom may fail you. A travel agent can make your travel experience stress-free by providing a travel package covering all that you need.

Value Addition

A travel agent holds your hand right from the time you step out of your door till you come back. This gives you peace of mind and the desire to travel more. 

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Additionally, an agent is always up to date on what is happening in various countries such that you can be warned of risky places which you should not visit. In case anything goes wrong, the agent will be ready to provide the necessary assistance.


Travel agents enable you to save money because they do massive bookings at a go. They organize for group travels regularly. Their long-term relationships with their suppliers and service providers such as hotels and airlines accord them discounts and so you end up paying less. Direct booking requires paying for every service separately. If a service provider pulls out the last minute, you bear the cost of hiring another one.

They are Resourceful

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 Have you ever wondered why your neighbor in that plane is having a better seat or is receiving special treatment that the rest of you? Probably they engaged an agent. Agents can access resources and tools that are unknown to an average consumer. They can negotiate for additional amenities in hotels or organize for free event tickets. Planning for extra activities is also a possibility.


If you value your time, treasure convenience and need to get value for your money during vacations, consider a travel agent. Developing a long-term relationship with the agent means more benefits in the long-run. Planning for a holiday is simplified and may require a simple phone call or email conversation after which you may find your package ready. Direct bookings will only make your travel challenging.


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