Spain is a stunning country full of heritage and history. If you have any sort of interest in beautiful architecture and historical buildings, you’ll be entranced by the array of castles to visit and enjoy in Spain. Here are six of the best to get you started.


1. Bellver (Palma de Mallorca)


This unique castle is built in the Gothic style on the island of Majorca and is surrounded by forests. It might blow your mind just for the simple fact that it’s a circular castle in everything from the outer castle wall to the towers. Bellver dates back to the 14th century and is now the site of the local History Museum as well as holding various cultural events throughout the year.


2. Peñafiel


If you’ve ever wanted to see an imposing fortress on a hilltop in Spain, this is your ideal opportunity. The castle is a lengthy one, stretching to 150 meters with a keep of nearly 30 meters. There are guided tours to allow you to visit one wing, while the other houses a wine museum. For a special thrill, stick around until the sun goes down and see it lit up in incredible splendor.


3. Alhambra (Granada)


This castle is probably the best known in Spain with a name that translates to “Red Castle” in Arabic. It’s a building teeming with history and the influence of the Moors. If stunning architectural touches are appealing, you’ll love this ancient fortress. Just be sure to book ahead though – it’s one of the most popular attractions in Spain and the number of visitors is therefore restricted.


4. Ponferrada


If you’re looking to explore another element of Spanish history, this castle in the wine region of Bierzo is the one of the only Templar ones remaining in the country. If you visit during July, be sure to visit this castle as the town often hosts a festival celebrating the Templar history of the castle.


5. Coca


Located in Central Spain, this castle incorporates elements of Moorish design and Gothic architecture for a unique experience. It has a deep and wide moat, with the final defensive fortifications being offered by the hilltop it was built into. Guided tours are available for the rooms that are open to the public.


6. Alcazar (Segovia)


This may be the closest you get to a real-life Disney castle and it’s even reported to have been the inspiration for the famous Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World. The castle is overflowing with history and serves as a museum today with an armory amongst its features. It’s well worth a visit, if only to be a princess for the day.


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