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Create memories with our list of budget friendly travel destinations, memories of which you and your family could savor for lifetime! Here’s our take on some family vacation destinations that won’t break your finances:


Tallinn in Estonia is by far one of the best cheap vacations ideas for you and your loved ones. There is so much to see here like the UNESCO-protected medieval old town, the Kumu Art Museum, the Estonian Open Air Museum, to name a few. Then there is the Olde Hansa restaurant, where 15th century recipes are used to prepare food, with medieval musicians performing at night. And one of the best reasons to visit is it’s just a small ride by ferry from Finland. Plus, the accommodation here is just a fraction of what it is in almost all of Europe.


Tulsa in Oklahoma is home to the Gathering Place. A public park on the lines of Disneyland, but the best part is that it is absolutely free. The Paris of Oklahoma, as Tulsa is referred to, is definitely one of the most astounding budget friendly travel destinations, as there is so much that kids and adults can do and enjoy here such as free concerts and performances, bike paths, interactive art installations, skate parks, free boat rides on the lake, sports courts and so many fabulous play structures such as a slide in the shape of a banana, a pirate ship, a castle and so many other fun things. Also, there are a number of very affordable restaurants here such as Glacier Chocolates and the Vintage Wine Bar.


Cancun in Mexico is another one of the cheap international holiday packages including flights that is ideal for you and your family, if you are seeking a tropical destination as a vacation spot. There are lots and lots of water sport activities to be enjoyed here, such as speed-boating and snorkeling. There are also a number of very fabulous resorts and restaurants here. It’s not only a great vacation spot for the entire family, but also the ideal romantic getaway.


Guizhou province in China is one of the most awesome of all the provinces in China and definitely one of the most budget friendly travel destinations. There are so many spectacular things to be seen here such as the Forest of 10,000 Peaks, literally a sea of round mountain peaks, which when the sun is setting behind them, have the appearance of soft green velvet glowing. And then there is also the Huangguoshu Waterfall, one of China’s biggest waterfalls. Plus, the place is famous for its cuisine like chili peppers, fiery hot pot soups and baijiu smoked liquor which is lethally potent.


Check out these amazing spots, and be sure to do some more research on packages all inclusive before your travel.


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