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New Zealand is one of those once-in-a-lifetime destinations that people dream of visiting. For many people, though, going to this dream destination means making a few painful decisions on the budget side of things. We’ve come up with some sneaky ways you can cut your costs on your New Zealand trip without skimping on the experience.


  1. Stick to One Island


Why do we begin with the most painful one of all? It’s true that many visitors to New Zealand want to see both main islands, but that’s how costs start to mount, especially if you’re on a budget. We’re not going to tell you which island to visit but focusing your trip will mean that you’ll make some memories without blowing your budget.


  1. Sample Local Drinks


This ticks two boxes – you save some cash and you get to know the real New Zealand by sticking with the local drinks partners used by the places you’re staying. Often, cocktails and wines that you might like at home are costlier in NZ, so stick with local beers and wines for a cheaper holiday.


  1. Go Out of Season


Seasons in NZ are the reverse of those many travelers are used to – the busy summer season runs from December through to February and you can bet the famous sights and attractions are all swarming with both locals and travelers during those months. That has a subsequent impact on airfare and accommodation costs, so think smart and travel out of season if you can.


  1. Visit i-SITEs


i-SITE is the official visitor information network for NZ with 80 locations across the country. They’re local hives of knowledge, ensuring that the advice you get there is the best possible to help you find the activities, accommodation and local transport that are right for your needs. Don’t underestimate how much a visit to the local i-SITE could save you on your trip.


  1. Use Buses


Car rentals can be comparatively expensive in NZ, so cut out those unnecessary expenses by taking the local bus services wherever possible. NZ has a great bus service designed to get locals and tourists around easily. InterCity and Nakedbus are the two companies to look out for, and you should be able to book passes in advance to save you a bundle on the buses.


  1. Remember Free Attractions


The landscape of New Zealand is often a primary reason why people are so eager to add it to their bucket lists. Plenty of popular tourist sites in NZ are free to access, especially if you want to get out into the open air and enjoy the view.


  1. Drink Tap Water


Water in NZ can be drunk straight from the tap, so there’s no need to spend money on heaps of bottled water. Take a reusable bottle and get it filled it up before you leave your accommodation every day. We wouldn’t recommend refilling it from streams out in the wild though – err on the side of caution!


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