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How to Save Money When Travelling

     Whether you are a veteran traveller or someone who is planning a family holiday soon, it is important to find ways to save money without affecting you’re travelling experience. Many people will often change their travel plans to accommodate their budgets, often choosing local destinations or shorter holidays. Although this is a good way to save money, it doesn’t give you the holiday of your dreams.

     There are many ways to save money on your next holiday without making it less enjoyable. From where you stay to where you eat, you can save money everywhere and every little bit adds up quickly. Here are some ways to save money when travelling:

Money management:

Don’t exchange money at the hotel. Foreign exchange is a revenue source for hotels and due to convenience, they usually have terrible rates.

Do research and find reputable money changing services in your destination area. Using a local ATM to get cash and it’s usually cheaper than exchanging money so you should check which local banks accept your card.

Credit cards:

Deposit money to credit cards, so you can withdraw the money from them. This will convert credit cards into debit cards. Buying items with these cards could also save money, because you won’t attract high interest rates.

Bring at least a couple of credit cards. You shouldn’t assume that a credit card will be accepted by any merchant. You may bring a combination of Amex and Diners or Visa and Mastercard. And don’t put these cards in one place.

Be sure to keep all receipts to help you dispute possible unauthorized charges later on.


Large international hotel chains often offer last-minute deals, so it’s worth asking to find out whether you might qualify.

When travelling with groups or families, self-catered accommodations can be the most affordable option.

When staying in ski resorts, ask whether they have packages that include bed, breakfast, skiing equipment rental and lift tickets. These packages are a hassle-free way for choosing an accommodation that can save you a lot of money.


Choose hotel packages that include breakfast. Having a hearty breakfast from the hotel buffet will allow you to have lighter lunch and dinner. This will help you save money.

Go to food courts in shopping malls or other locations where locals usually buy food cheaply.

Go to local supermarkets to buy bread, fruits and other affordable food products that locals buy and eat these in your hotel room or while seeing the sites.

Use the hotel mini fridge only to chill fruits and beverages that you buy from local supermarkets. Avoid consuming any snack and beverage in mini bars.

     Saving money while travelling is easy as long as you are more aware of what you are spending. For more travel tips, follow our blog and learn from the experts.


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