Layovers are a great opportunity to save some money. By breaking up your flight, you’re taking the power away from airlines that want you to travel in ways that benefit them. Of course, you need to check ticket restrictions (and baggage restrictions) carefully on any flights that include stopovers or layovers. However, once you’ve decided that a layover is the way to go, which cities should you check for your options?


  1. Reykjavik


The Icelandic capital has always been a wonderful place to visit in its own right, but it’s become a common layover point for transatlantic flights. That gives you the opportunity to not only break up your journey, but also to enjoy the sights in and around this beautiful city. Iceland’s WOW Air has made a deliberate effort to encourage layovers of up to three days, and that gives you chance to essentially add another stop to your holiday. Why not visit the Blue Lagoon that’s only a short distance from the airport?


  1. Singapore


Singapore is a great layover choice for traveling into South East Asia. As well as having one of the most stunning airports in the world that’s just perfect for stopovers, there are also tours available to allow you to see the sights of the city in just a few hours. There are also some brilliant experiences in store for those with longer layovers, namely the Gardens by the Bay which is 250 acres of reclaimed land and three distinct waterfront gardens.


  1. Beijing


Part of China’s efforts to become a more open tourist destination has included a 72-hour visa so that layovers don’t require the full visas which are notoriously expensive and complex. A layover in Beijing gives you cheaper flight options and the chance to explore a vibrant city that is growing more tourist-friendly by the year. Just beware of traffic and make sure you schedule more than enough time to get back to the airport for your connecting flight.


  1. Dubai


If you’re traveling from West to East (or the other way around, of course), Dubai represents a brilliant option for a layover. It’s conveniently situated for direct access into the city and the Metro system operates effectively to all the major tourist location. There’s also a lot going on in the airport itself for those with shorter stopovers, including spa services and free showers to freshen up between your flights.


  1. Amsterdam


With the trip from the airport into the city only taking 20 minutes, Amsterdam is a great location for a layover where you get to maximize your time spent exploring and having fun. The frequency of intercontinental flights from Amsterdam make it a popular layover destination and there are approximately 100 airlines operating from the airport. It’s worth checking to see if your layover can include Amsterdam, especially if you’re looking for a short burst of European culture and architecture.


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