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    Fresh Plastic Surgery is a Korea based leading cosmetic surgery hospital. They offer the highest levels of cosmetic and plastic surgical excellence and premium quality care to their patients at their world-class specialty hospital in Seoul. At Fresh Plastic Surgery, the medical team provides the very best in cosmetic surgical care available in Korea to patients from across the world at a great value and affordable price. Every patient is served with high-quality medical treatment, and they are always supervised with the most advanced equipment, through this e-healthcare and plastic surgery service in Korea. We are expecting high satisfaction from people looking for the best & safe breast surgery in Korea, full-body liposuction, implant breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift surgery, facial liposuction, lower eyebag reposition, and facial fat graft. Also, many other cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance natural beautifulness with safety in perfect health facilities along with the best and required equipment and technical skills.

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    Address: 3rd F, Shinsahill B/D., 563-17, Sinsa-Dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Phone Number: +82) 10-2140-9081

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