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    Himalayan Circuit’s philosophy is to offer authentic travel experience and to give you the opportunity to learn about and experience history, traditions and culture of Nepal while providing you with an opportunity to contribute your knowledge and skills towards supporting the development of Nepal.

    We, at Himalayan Circuit, are committed to connecting people and creating unique/authentic travel experiences for locals and overseas travelers. It is important for us to advance the sustainable development of Nepal and especially to allow the rural population to benefit from the revenue of tourism. We create opportunities for children’s and adults’ education, growth and development. These opportunities lead to an increase in their chances of employment in the countryside.

    We also employ other sustainability principles in tourism. We always offer our customers the most sustainable alternatives for their stay in Nepal. We support and choose hotels and transfer companies that are committed and employ principles of environmentally and socially sustainable business. For example, eco hotels and transfer companies that use green transport possibilities. We want to contribute to work, exemplary in traditional tourism and protect the environment and the people of Nepal and promote sustainable tourism.

    Our philosophy is simple – we offer you the best travel experience possible. We believe the only way to achieve this is to have genuine experts for each and every destination, we call them specialists. They will design a trip around you, matching your interests, tastes, and budget, and with an absolute commitment to quality.



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