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    Himalayan Social Journey is Kathmandu based, a worldwide acclaimed travel and tour company offering the exclusive luxury and memorable trip programs on the horizon of tourism since 15 plus years. It’s a family-owned leading trekking company that provides experienced local guides and porters for over 150 packages to travel enthusiasts and adventure seekers, catering world-class services.

    Himalayan Social Journey basically emphasizes on exclusive deluxe and luxury trips in Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bhutan with the slogan, ” Ecstasy is within you, safety the first”.

    Not only is a renowned touring company, but HSJ also is well-established name as a social organization actively participating in social welfare activities. HSJ has accomplished numerous exemplary social works for the uplifting of the livelihood of the people and for sustainable development of the remote areas of Nepal focusing on the education of needy children.

    Thus, by choosing Himalayan Social Journey, you are not only choosing a unique and local experience, but you are also helping to change lives and give the hope of the opportunity to children and their families in Nepal.


    Nepal, English, Hindi, Japanese

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