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Do you love nature and its diverse formations? There are a variety of mountains worldwide that you can choose to hike depending on your time and budget. This does not require any form of training or special abilities. Just psyche yourself up and dress appropriately. Hiking is one of the most effective cardio exercises that you can engage in and is also a fun-filled activity. It is a vacation experience of its kind. If you love hiking and care about your overall well being, read on:

  • Hiking Improves Mental Health

Research shows that a one and a half hour nature walk can have a great impact on your brain and how you feel. Your sensory perceptions improve as a result of being outdoors. When you go out there, you enjoy nature’s tranquility which is beneficial to the body and mind. This can effectively deal with anxiety, stress, and depression.

  • Enhances Creativity

Regular hiking boosts creativity and leaves you more focused for long. It allows you to breathe fresh air and have access to vitamin D as a result of sunlight exposure.

Woman, Female, Thoughtful, Alone, Mountain, Thinking

                                                            Thoughtful and Alone

 Spending time outdoors and being away from electronic devices improves your thinking and problem-solving ability. This is a pre-requisite for productivity at the work-place.

  • Hiking Improves Social Life
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                                                                     Group Hike Adventure

 Hiking is a great social activity that gives you a chance to interact with people. You enjoy the company of your family, friends or strangers. It is fun when you engage in any chats and conversations as you enjoy your journey. You get to meet new friends as you share experiences. This also creates stronger bonds and lasting memories.

  • Helps You Lose Weight

When you hike, you burn a lot of calories as you enjoy the natural setting beauty. This becomes more effective if you do it more often and observe your diet as well. The steeper the terrain, the better for you. You tend to take a lot of water as you sweat, which is important for weight loss. Navigating through tough terrain is good for your lower back and obliques especially when you are carrying a backpack.

  • Strengthens muscles and Bones

If you are new in the activity, you can start with a flat terrain as you advance slowly. Your leg muscles become strong and you can eventually endure long periods of hiking. This improves your balance as you can have a stable base. Research shows that strong leg muscles improve metabolic rate and allows one to burn more calories while working out.

Parting shot:

One great but simple way to improve your overall health is to cultivate a habit of hiking. Have this as your priority when selecting the next holiday destination. This can help you to have fun and work out at the same time. Some medical problems such as stress and depression are better solved by just having some days out enjoying nature. You can interact with people from all spheres of life, be productive at work and gain more physical strength.


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