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2018’s Hot Travel Destinations

     With 2017 ending, many travelers are looking back fondly on the memories they created in their previous travels while some are already planning 2018’s travel destinations. If you are part of the group of travelers already making plans for your next adventure, keep reading as we are going to share with you our list of the hottest travel destinations for 2018. These are chosen by travel agents, industry insiders and ambitious travelers from all over the world and are guaranteed to provide enough adventure, beauty and culture for even the most die-hard traveler.

Here is our list of 2018’s hottest travel destinations:

1. Chile

     Known for being isolated from the rest of world, Chile is surrounded by the Andes to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atacama Desert up north and the wilds of Patagonia down south. This makes the country an interesting place to visit both culturally and environmentally. Why visit in 2018? Chile marks its 200 years of independence with a countrywide celebration.

2. Portugal

     Portugal is known for its rich culture and historic significance. Boasting a wide range of museums, art galleries and historic sites, Portugal also has a lot to offer the food and wine connoisseur. If you are a fan of sunning on the beach, Portugal has over 300 Blue Flag rated beaches to choose from.

3. Djibouti

     The small nation of Djibouti offers the eco-traveler something incredibly beautiful and alluring. Rough and rugged best describes Djibouti’s landscape which includes magma flows, Martian-like deserts spewing steam from fumaroles and sunken lake shores featuring enormous salt crystals.

4. Malta

     This Mediterranean archipelago offers travelers a view of prehistoric temples, 17th-century fortifications and an array of tunnels from catacombs to air-raid shelters. Valletta was named as the European Capital of Culture for 2018 for its many baroque, pop and international film festivals. Add to that the more than 300 annual days of sunshine and beautiful beaches, and Malta is one of 2018’s hottest destinations.

5. Mauritius

     The island of Mauritius offers sapphire seas, luxurious beach resorts, coral reef dives, kitesurfing, sea kayaking and lagoon cruises. Aptly named the ‘Star and Key of the Indian Ocean’ during its colonial days, Mauritius celebrates 50 years of independence in 2018.


     Do any of these travel destinations sound like your next holiday spot? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about our 2018’s Hot Travel Destinations.


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