If you are just on a flying visit or have planned a longer stay, it can at times be overwhelming to make a decision on where to go in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a lively city with heaps of popular attractions but sometimes visitors will want to try something a little less touristy. Luckily there are many unexpected things to find in Los Angeles.

Discover the Canals

Initially the canals in the city were constructed to bring a flavor of Europe to America. Today the Venice Canals endure as an unexpected Los Angeles attraction. They were built as far back as 1905 and are meant to represent the magnificent waterways of Venice, Italy. The canals are a lovely way to explore a much-loved part of the city as they offer a tranquil, unique experience in the heart of a big and busy city.

 Art and Gardens

Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens is well worth a visit as it is an unexpected Los Angeles indulgence. Visit the tranquil and original multi-purpose site, which offers visitors an array of choice between viewing glorious works of art, an overwhelming selection of books and the chance to wander around an ornate botanical garden. Many visitors are attracted by the stunning desert garden which proudly hosts a significant range of cacti and its serene and beautifully planned Japanese garden which it is possible to walk through.

Sunken City

Way back in 1929, there was a landslide which happened in San Pedro which led to a community of elite homes to slide into the sea. During this landslide, even some of Point Fermin Park was also lost to the ocean. Today, if you take a visit to the area known now as the “Sunken City” you will find that you can from afar see the foundations of houses, buckled sidewalks, streetcar tracks, and empty long-lost streets. Although entering the space itself is prohibited the surrounding area is now a trendy hiking location so an unexpected Los Angeles location.

Stunning Museums

There is a fairly wide choice of museums to select from in Los Angeles, but this is one of the more state of the art experiences. The Museum of Jurassic Technology 

is the extraordinary home to an exciting range of interesting and exploratory wonders for visitors to experience. The much-loved museum is a fascinating blend of reality and fantasy and offers families an exciting and unexpected Los Angeles day trip.

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Griffith Observatory 

You could joyfully spend a day visiting the Griffith Observatory if interested in all things space related. One of the most unforgettable exhibits at the wonderful Griffith Park Observatory is its Tesla coil. Every hour visitors get treated to a lightning show which is undeniably thrilling. There is also the well-known shows the Hall of the Sky and the Hall of the Eye to enjoy which probes the topic of space. The most unexpected part of the trip however will be viewing the building itself and discovering a stunning viewpoint of the city from the prime location in Griffith Park. 

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