How to Creatively Save for Your Dream Holiday                                                                      

Every traveler longs to visit the world’s most beautiful destinations, such as islands, beaches, or lodges. The reality is that such destinations cost a lot of money and most travelers have limited resources. Did you know that you can go for a dream holiday every year by being more creative? 

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You may have the intention of booking that trip but after a couple of months realize that your dream is fading because you have saved little or no money. Don’t give up because there is a chance to save enough for your dream holiday. Try to implement the following creative ways to save for that holiday.

  1. Draw a budget

Are you a person who goes through the social media to check out on any available vacation and make an abrupt decision to book? Chances are that this may continue consuming your resources and your dream holiday can remain a nightmare. Have a realistic plan in the form of a well-set budget and stick to it. Identify your destination, including where to stay and the activities to engage in. More importantly, identify how much the entire package will cost. Planning enables you to be disciplined and focused.

  1. Open a Travel Account

Consider a savings account that may earn you interest and regularly deposit funds. This is separate from the emergency and retirement funds. A travel savings account allows you to meet your targets faster. It also works very well with group travel.

  1. Consider Packed Lunch
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                                                                      Packed Quality Lunch

A little sacrifice is worth making. Wake up earlier and fix a meal to carry to work. Let’s assume that an average lunch costs you $6 daily. Making the meal at home may cost you about $2 thus saving $4 daily which is $80 per month and $960 annually. This amount can easily allow you to meet your dream holiday expenditure fully. Practice this by depositing the lunch savings weekly for accountability purposes.

  1.  Look for a Part-Time job
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This is applicable if the income from your full-time job is not enough to support your dream holiday. Working extra hours in current employment or getting a new job elsewhere may help you raise the funds you need for your dream holiday.

  1. Cut Down Your Entertainment Expenses

You don’t have to sacrifice some fun due to dream holiday saving. Check around to see if there are any free movies or concerts in your area. You could take advantage of cheaper entertainment options such as watching movies at home, visiting a park or a subsidized museum with friends and family.

Saving for your dream holiday is possible and very practical. You don’t need to read many books about it. Just do a little realistic adjustment in your day-to-day life. It all begins with determining holiday destinations and working towards it. Sticking to your budget is not complicated as you may think. Be disciplined when it comes to savings and avoid overspending as much as possible.

 “A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work”.-Colin Powell


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